Second Day of Auditions!

25 Jun

Whew!  Man-o-man, I am beat!  Not because of all the folks I’ve auditioned, but because of the logistics!!!  Sitting with actors and working with them during the actual audition process actually charges me up.  It’s all the logistical shuffling and rescheduling that really poops me out!

Fortunately, Jennifer is producing with me and has been incredible.  And my dear friend Rae volunteered to greet the actors and sign them in.  In fact, they both handled most of the logistics today, but even the bit I dealt with was draining.

Enough whining.  The good news is that Jennifer and I have narrowed down our auditioners to 10 folks and we will be seeing them today, Friday, at the Warner Brothers Lot in Burbank.  We have five men coming in for Rob and five women for Bethany.  They are teamed-up in pairs.  Each pair will read scenes from the script together, then I will work with each woman individually.

I’m very, very excited and I sure hope I discover Rob and Bethany tomorrow.  Once I cast them, I will then seek out the two other roles.

We will also videotape tomorrow, which means we will hopefully have video of our final selections to share (if they permit us to do so).

Thank you again for all the support and be looking out for some fun news soon!



2 Responses to “Second Day of Auditions!”

  1. Art June 25, 2010 at 4:31 pm #

    Wow, Great, Chris, you’ve done an amazing job so far and I’m sure you’ll keep up the pace and energy. Very anxious to watch the videos, circumstances permitting) Good luck)

    • Christopher June 26, 2010 at 12:08 am #

      Thanks, Art! I’m trying so, so hard, you know? I really appreciate the support – it means a lot!

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