Paradise Recovered

1 Dec

Monday night was a very encouraging night for me as an independent filmmaker…

Headed by David Branin and Karen Worden, Film Courage hosted another independent film screening at the Downtown Independent theatre in Los Angeles, CA.  The film was Paradise Recovered, an indelibly poignant romantic comedy written by Andie Redwine and directed by Storme Wood.

First, the mission of Film Courage itself is incredibly encouraging.  David and Karen have selflessly committed themselves to uplifting and supporting independent filmmakers.  Through their weekly radio show and monthly screenings at the Downtown Independent, filmmakers are given an opportunity to share their work while listeners and viewers learn from them.  I’ve always said community and camaraderie is the backbone of creativity, which is why I am so thankful for David and Karen’s vision.

Second, the Downtown Independent theatre has become a hub for independent film in Los Angeles.  They host a wide array of independent film events such as screenings, seminars, and workshops.  The Downtown Independent brings films to Los Angeles which otherwise would never be seen on the big screen.  Truly independent films like Paradise Recovered are embraced and promoted.

Finally, watching Paradise Recovered last night was encouraging in itself.  With a tiny budget, Redwine and Wood made a fantastic film chock-full of professionalism.  Rather than produce a film beyond their means, they embraced their limitations and made the most with what they had.  With connections in Indiana, much of the film was shot there, giving the film an incredibly tangible touch of authenticity.  Indiana locals embraced their production and welcomed them, affirming my thoughts regarding film production in Los Angeles.

Last night strongly affirmed my belief that this is a great time to be an independent filmmaker.  Communities like Film Courage and the Downtown Independent are giving independent filmmakers like me a lot to be hopeful for!


2 Responses to “Paradise Recovered”

  1. Jill Valentine-Teter December 1, 2010 at 11:27 am #

    I have been following Redwine’s work on Paradise Recovered since it was a few lines in a notebook. I am so proud of her in this accomplishment and cannot wait til the film comes to a theater near me in Evansville, IN! God bless independent film makers!

    • Christopher December 1, 2010 at 12:12 pm #

      Blessings are welcomed, indeed! Thank you, Jill!

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