Gavin Fisher Color Extraordinaire!

30 Mar

I’m incredibly lucky: Gavin Fisher, the director of photography on Girlfriend 19, is also a professional color-correctionist.  Not only is he one of the coolest guys to work with, he is also incredibly skilled and talented.

Color-correction is a lot more than just tweaking colors.  With his set-up, we can make all kinds of adjustments within the film.  I was blown away at the possibilities.  We added light and reduced light.  We created contrast and decreased contrast.  In fact, there were so many possibilities, I was a bit overwhelmed and quickly realized I was not prepared enough for our meeting!

However, in the end, the greatest and most encouraging thing Gavin and I realized is the fact that our footage itself, untreated, looks fantastic.  In fact, there were many times where we simply did not want to touch the image and leave it the way it was!  That’s saying a lot about our production team, from lighting to make-up.  Everyone did a great job and it shows!!!

Below is a photo of Gavin at work in his studio and some
Girlfriend 19
movie stills…


2 Responses to “Gavin Fisher Color Extraordinaire!”

  1. Miguel N. March 30, 2011 at 12:23 pm #

    In fact, it looks great. Congrats to all the production team. You’re getting to the end of the tunnel.

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