For Lovers Only is For All

28 Aug

Brothers Mark and Michael Polish are highly accomplished filmmakers with solid Hollywood studio ties, so why did they recently produce For Lovers Only on their own dollar?

Because Mark and Michael are genuine artists.  Simply put: they ultimately want to make movies their own way, films they are deeply connected to, truly personal.

In terms of content and style, For Lovers is not for everyone (what artwork is?).  Its intimate storyline and highly stylized cinematography might turn you off, but the passion, audacity, and daring in each frame is universally contagious.  

I had the privilege to meet Mark after a recent screening of the film, and not surprisingly, he is an incredibly authentic guy.  Even the way in which they released For Lovers is honest – they went straight to their fans, rather than find the film’s lowest common denominator and shove it down the public’s throat.  

For Lovers Only has inspired me greatly as a filmmaker and as a person…


One Response to “For Lovers Only is For All”

  1. virtuos and beautiful August 31, 2011 at 3:46 pm #

    All the shots were so beautifulX!

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