3 Mar

Wow, what a post on a new blog, OnFoodandFilm! I have to say that it had a very real impact on me…

On Food And Film

Like so many other film nerds, I’ve been a huge fan of soundtracks all my life. I asked for Disney soundtracks as a very young child and the first album I bought with my own money was the score to Close Encounters of the Third Kind. An addiction began that day that unfortunately hasn’t ceased, though I am thankful for downloads rather than CDs since at a certain point the CD towers in my home, like so many other film nerds, became rather embarrassing. Just as embarrassing were times such as when a high school buddy was going through my LPs and pulled out the soundtrack to Carrie, which on the front cover features Sissy Spacek drenched in pig’s blood.

“Why the hell would you buy this?” he asked. I stammered through an explanation about liking the sole pop song on the album. I wouldn’t be embarrassed…

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