The Irony of Blogging

7 Jul

If one’s purpose for a blog is blogging itself, then writing a blog post is the most productive thing they can do.

However, if one blogs to share their experience doing something else, then blogging is a supplemental activity.

I am a filmmaker, first and foremost. And I have been quite busy giving it a go.

Alas, the irony: the busier I am as a filmmaker, the more insight I have to share, yet, the less time I have to blog!



Don Cheadle Raising Money for his Film

3 Jul

As I continue to produce my feature film project, Heart of Indiana, many people ask if I’ve considered crowdfunding sites, like IndieGoGo or Kickstarter.

Naturally I have; however, without celebrity involvement in the campaign, I won’t be able to raise much.

Crowdfunding is a powerful tool that Hollywood actors are embracing more and more. Early adopters such as Zach Braff and Spike Lee dealt with a lot of flack for launching their own campaigns, but, guess what: they succeeded. I have a ton of respect for the way they faced all the critics and humbly muscled through to making art, instead of talking about making art!

Celebrity-based crowdfunding campaigns are GREAT for indie film for one primary reason: it legitimizes it as a means of raising money. This empowers indie producers to call upon prominent actors to participate in campaigns. I even envision a future where participation in a campaign is part of the “offer” producers submit to actors’ agents!

Crowdfunding is a win-win situation: a win for the artists and a win for the fans who are given unique opportunities to engage in the creative process and connect with those they admire.

I was thrilled to learn about Don Cheadle’s current crowdfunding effort, which I contributed to. I hope you’ll do the same!

(*Note the way Mr. Cheadle mentions Ewan McGregor in the video, which clearly is McGregor’s way of supporting the campaign!)

Click through to Campaign

A Great Way to Save Time and Energy!

27 Jan

As you go about your art, your venture, your enterprise, it’s best to assess people in one of two ways:

Believers or Boosters

Believers see your vision early and have faith in you. Boosters contribute to your success as it builds.

Neither is better than the other. In fact, both will contribute greatly to your work! 

What’s crucial is your ability to identify one from the other early in your process.

A booster will not help you before you have some form of success. And if you continually reach out to boosters, before you have something meaty for them, you will be wasting your time and energy. Believers, on the other hand, will jump on board before you even start cooking, or very soon thereafter.

This principle has proven true as I develop Heart of Indiana, my next feature film. Once I have some awesome actors attached and financing in place, I’ll reach out to boosters. But, before then, I’m going to spend my time and energy on believers.

More importantly, making this distinction and reaching out accordingly saves you from excess emotional fatigue. Waiting around, hoping boosters will return your email, your phone call, is immensely difficult and taxing on one’s heart. It zaps our passion and creativity.

Be wise: determine whether one is a believer or a booster early in your journey. Don’t be asking boosters to boost you when there isn’t much to boost!

Blessings and Godspeed!!!!

Girlfriend 19 on

20 Jan

My first feature film, Girlfriend 19, is now on!

It truly would mean a lot if you gave Girlfriend 19 a viewing and a rating/review.

It’s free to view for Amazon Prime members and only $1.99 for a 7-day rental for all others.

Friends, family, and colleagues will always be the foundation of my filmmaking career. Thank you for your support!!!



“Mariachi Band” by Claire Holley

27 Aug

Take a break & enjoy this beautiful song performed by Claire Holley, produced by Tom Provost, and filmed by me…

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