Two short films written & directed by Christopher J. Boghosian.

Fade to Red is a painfully intimate portrait of a splintered woman.  Making herself totally vulnerable, actress Danielle Louie exposes her soul without uttering a word.  Like a brush, Christopher J. Boghosian operates his camera with broad, improvised strokes in direct response to Ms. Louie’s courageous performance…

Please note: Fade to Red contains non-sexual nudity.

In Jasmin & Josephine, a young woman demonstrates extraordinary love in ordinary ways. The structure of this film intentionally follows Paul Schrader’s theories regarding the films of Yasujiro Ozu and Robert Bresson, as put forth in his book Transcendental Style in Film (1988).  It stars Jasmin Tscharf and Christopher’s maternal grandmother, Josephine Matosian.

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