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Girlfriend 19 is a unique feature film written and directed by Christopher J. Boghosian.  It follows Bethany, a woman caught in the crosshairs of emotion and reason.  When her ex-boyfriend, Rob, reappears in her life, Bethany is plagued with a simple, yet excruciating decision: should she give him another chance?   He broke her heart before.  Will he do it again?  Set primarily in one location through the course of one day, this imaginative drama roams in and out of Bethany’s mind, weaving reality with the imaginary.  Its unpredictable approach is both reflective and riveting at the same time.

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Not to be hampered by expensive and complex production elements, Christopher wrote Girlfriend 19 with available resources in mind.  It mostly takes place in one location with only four characters.  Nevertheless, the film is professionally executed with a team of talented cast and crew.

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Rob and Bethany in Girlfriend 19.

Rob, Chris Ivan Cevic, and Bethany, Cassidy Brown, in Girlfriend 19.

Guillaume Dabin-Pons as Alex.

Guillaume Dabin-Pons as Alex.

Christopher J. Boghosian working with Chris Ivan Cevic and Danielle Louie.

Christopher J. Boghosian working with Chris Ivan Cevic and Danielle Louie.

Heidi Mehl woking on Cassidy Brown's hair.

Heidi Mehl woking on Cassidy Brown’s hair.

Cassidy Brown in Girlfriend 19.

Every square inch of our small location was utilize during production!

Christopher, Cassidy and Gavin on the set of Girlfriend 19.

Christopher and Cassidy take a moment as director of photography Gavin Fisher makes adjustments.

On the set of Girlfriend 19.

On the set of Girlfriend 19.

Cassidy in one of five “Park” Scenes in Girlfriend 19.

Bethany alone at night.

Bethany alone at night.